My Breast Cancer Challenge




Denise Sproule July 2000


In January 1999, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I am recounting my experience in the hope that it will encourage other women who are faced with this diagnosis.

There is no disputing that this is a frightening time but it can be turned into a positive experience.

There is a  choice to be a victim of breast cancer or to view this as a period of personal growth.  What is important  is how you choose to react to the situation, not the situation itself. 

This is an opportunity for you to review your attitudes to the situations you face in life. 

My name is Denise Sproule.  I am 50 years old, very happily married to Paul, my friend, lover and enormous support.  We have two German Shepherd dogs, a cat and four horses.  I am a former high school teacher but now manage our property and train our dogs and young filly.

My family, friends and doctors have seen the course my recovery has taken is exceptional.  I can say I feel  protected and guided from the spirit world and nothing could give a greater feeling of security and positive outlook. Hope this is helpful!

 Nothing is impossible!  


Last updated November 12, 2012