Early in December 1998 I noticed a warm area on my left breast, the upper left quadrant, as it is known in medical circles.  I was not overly concerned, as every woman knows, various changes like this happen during the female cycle.  There wasn’t a lump to feel.

After Christmas the area was still warm so I went to my Doctor who ordered a Mammogram and Ultrasound.  I followed the screen and asked lots of questions, as I  normally do such as,  “That round white patch, is that what you are looking for?” Following the ultrasound I was to see Mr. Stephen Wilkinson, a General Surgeon who is also involved with Breast Cancer research.

A couple of days later, January 6th 1999 was to be the calling up of every bit of strength, both physical and spiritual.

Mr. Wilkinson, the Head of Surgery at the Public Hospital examined me and performed  a needle biopsy.   He suggested that we come back to see him the same afternoon for the result.  He explained  the possibility  of lumpectomy or mastectomy briefly but concisely.  I already understood these terms and surprisingly was not concerned.

Later that afternoon my partner and I sat down at his desk and Mr. Wilkinson  looked at me.  I recall feeling a strong surge of energy (which surprised me), and hearing the words “It’s not good, You have a malignant tumor.’  I remember continuing to look at him and feeling a warm support of energy surround me.  I heard my partner yell out “WHAT!” and stand up.  He got a terrible shock.  Tears welled in my eyes and overflowed down my cheeks.  I felt numb but not frightened.  I felt everything would be OK.  I was surprised at this feeling.  This "OK" feeling has remained with me as a deep peace in the centre of my being.

The diagnosis was a 3cm, grade 3, lobular carcinoma.  It was approximately 6- 8 weeks old and growing rapidly.  The breast would have to come off.  Mr. Wilkinson reassured me that he and his associates would look after me.  I was in good hands and was supported. 

I cannot emphasize enough the enormous support I felt at that time.  I know that at that time spiritual energy was coming through Mr. Wilkinson to support me in what I expect will be the biggest challenge of my life.

I was given a form for the Royal Hobart Hospital across which  was written URGENT and was  told to take it round straight away.  Mr. Wilkinson rang and booked me in for surgery on Monday morning five days later, the first day of surgery for the New Year.   The form brought a rush of activity.  “When he says jump, we say how high!” chipped one happy nurse.  In no time I was scheduled for x-rays, blood tests, bone scan, liver function, heart etc etc.  I was in and out of enormous machines, in very closed spaces, injected with a radioactive substance for tracking.  These procedures to me were very interesting but I was unable to really take notice.  My mind was a blur on that day.

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