Chemotherapy is the chemical treatment used to kill off cancer cells which are fast growing cells.  Unfortunately, it is not selective and all fast growing cells are affected, hence the loss of hair etc. etc

Intravenous chemotherapy began in February and continued every 3 weeks for six months.  As the weeks passed I became increasingly spun out by the needle being inserted into my arm for treatment.  By the end I was very traumatized and glad when the last treatment was over.  I thought I was tough, but needles I discovered, are my downfall.

Side effects:  During this period my hair thinned 'til I needed to wear firstly a bandana and then a wig.  I felt a little nauseous in the two days following each  chemo treatment but was generally really well, so my diary tells me.  I rested whenever my body told me of tiredness and watched the clouds and waving trees from my bed.

There is a long list of side effects from Chemotherapy, but I was fortunate in experiencing very few of them.  Aching hips and joints, some nausea, falling hair but little else. 

 I am a believer in natural therapies  and researched these extensively.  I was introduced to Essiac Tea (marketed  in Australia as Flora).  This product is a North American Indian herbal mixture which is a potent detoxifier.  I checked its compatibility with mainstream medicine and was pleased to see it recommended to be used in conjunction with Chemotherapy.

 I treated myself throughout my Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment.  I consider that my few side effects are partially due to Essiac Tea.

I am taking Tamoxifen, an oestrogen inhibitor.  Side effects are numerous but for me the following is the case:

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